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One Time
Loan Settlement

Loan amount starting from Rs 20 Lacs

Best loan settlement agency to get you out of debt trap. Start your journey today. Loan settlement within 30 days.

  • Personal loan settlement
  • Unsecured loan settlement
  • Secured loan settlement
  • Business loan settlement
One time Loan Settlement

Eligibility Criteria for Loan Settlement


  • A loan should be above Rs 20 lacs
  • There should be default in paying EMIs as on date

Documents required for Loan Settlememt


  • Sanction letter
  • EMI schedule
  • EMI payment details
  • Bank correspondence

One Time Loan Settlement


    Loan outstanding should be above Rs 20 Lacs. We take information about loan and check your eligibility for loan settlement

    02Consultation with Bank

    We consult and negotiate with bank to settle the outstanding loan amount. Settlement amounts are generally significantly lower than the actual outstanding amounts.


    We get a best deal from the bank to settle loans after your approval. Once loan amount is paid, you get your settlement letter and become debt free.


    A loan settlement is an agreement between you and your bank to pay off a portion of the debt and settle for less than the total amount you owe, generally.

    It takes 15-30 days for loan settlement. However, every loan is different and we need to assess each loan to comment on the timeline.

    Yes, if affects your CIBIL. Loan settlement is visible in your CIBIL report and considered negatively by future lenders.

    Yes, if affects your CIBIL and hence effects your credit worthiness. Debt settlement is visible on your CIBIL for seven years and lenders will have access to it.