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Looking for a Corporate Investment Banker in India?

From Rs 5 cr – 100 cr

At NIX Advisory, we invest in profitable startups and make other partners invest such as angel investors, venture capital (VC) firms and private equity (PE) funds. We act as a Corporate Investment banking company to raise equity funding. We assist startups with right valuation and exit strategy as well.

Venture Capitalist

We partner with the world’s best

500 Crores
raised so far



Minimum Loan
Rs. 5 Crore

Eligibility Criteria for Equity Funding


  • A business must be in profits
  • Minimum turnover of Rs 50 crores
  • Strong management and team of business experts
  • Potential to become industry leader

Documents required for Equity Funding


  • Last 5 years audited financial statements, if available
  • Current year’s provisional financial statements
  • Projections for 5 future years
  • Bank statements
  • Equity Structure
  • Outstanding loan details

Steps for Equity Funding

01Introductory Meeting

We understand management team, its vision and nature of business to evaluate funding options. Then we understand expectation on company valuation, funding amount and its utilization.

02On boarding

Once we understand the proposal and feel that we can get funds raised for the startup; we onboard the customer for fund raising process.


Our expert collates your business information for evaluation and comparison with industry peers. Once we have all the data, a team of experts executes valuation to determine a value at which funding should be raised from investors.

04Fund raising

Once we have agreed on the valuation, a detailed presentation is prepared for investors for fund raising. We execute an exclusive 12 months agreement for fund raising.

Our Commitments

Data preparation assistance

Data privacy

Data reviewed by experts

Every detail, handled by us

Your information is completely
secure with us


Equity financing means selling a stake in company’s equity for capital contribution. Business owners generally raise capital to fund their business expansion and retire debts.

Angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds, family offices and IPOs are channels of equity financing. It depends on a stage of business to raise capital through different channels.

Equity funding is not due for repayment like a loan which gives a business freedom to channel more money for its growing needs. However, equity investors expect return on their investment by growth in business valuations.

Yes equity investment is long term with a period of 3-5 years.

The main disadvantage to equity financing is that company owners must give up a
portion of their ownership and dilute their control.

Because equity carries a higher risk for investors.

Debt means borrowing of money whereas equity means selling a stake of equity
in the company. The main advantage of equity financing is that there is no
obligation to repay the money.

Bootstrapping financing means running a company using only personal and
operating revenue.