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  • One person company registration
  • Partnership firm registration
  • Sole Proprietorship registration
  • Private (Pvt) Limited Company Registration
  • LLP registration
  • Startup registration
Company Registration Services

Business Registration Services


₹ 999 Save 70%

The plan covers:
  • GST Registration
  • PAN and TAN
  • Bank account
  • Government fees extra (Rs 999)

Private Limited Company & One Person Company

₹ 4,999 onwards Save 80%

The plan covers:
  • GST Registration
  • Name approval
  • Digital Signature Certificate - DSC (2 nos)
  • Director Identification Numbers - DIN (2 nos)
  • MOA and AOA
  • Incorporation Certificate, PAN and TAN
  • Bank account
  • Government fees extra (Rs 2,499)

Limited Liability Partnership

₹ 3,999 onwards Save 70%

The plan covers:
  • GST Registration
  • Limited liability partnership agreement
  • Designated Partner Identification Number -DPIN (2 nos)
  • Incorporation certificate, PAN and TAN
  • Government fees extra (Rs 1,699)

Choose Structure for Your business

Proprietorship Private Limited
One person
Limited Liability
Ideal for Small trading business Start-ups Sole founders Conventional business partners
Members Required One Two One Two
Liability Unlimited Limited Limited Limited
Capital Required Rs 100 Rs 100,000 Rs 100,000 Rs 100
Tax Rates High Low Low Medium
For fund raising Non-fundable Preferred Not-preferred Not-preferred
Registration time 10 days 20 days 40 days 15 days
Compliances Low High High Medium
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

Steps for registration


  • Payment for Service
  • DSC
  • Name approval
  • Filing of forms with registrar
  • Notarization f documents
  • Receipt of incorporation certificate
  • Application for PAN and TAN
  • Application for GST

Documents required for business registration


  • ID Proof: PAN, Aadhar Card and Passport/ Voted ID
  • Photo: Passport size
  • Address Proof for Business: Rent agreement (for rented property) NOC from owner Latest Utility Bill Registry copy (for owned property)

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Partners are personally liable for debts of the business in a general partnership firm (means their personal property may be used to settle firm’s liabilities) whereas partners have limited liability in case of an LLP.

An OPC needs to be converted to a private limited company when its paid-up capital exceeds Rs 50 lakh or average turnover for 3 consecutive years exceeds Rs 2 crore.

Private Limited Company is a best structure to raise investment from investors. They invest by taking shares in private limited companies.

Yes. Stamp duty is payable on an OPC or private limited company registration.

The process of registering a company is completely online. A person needs to sign documents physically and upload it through different e-forms.